Homosexuality and Marriage

I am a very religious person, so you may or may not be offended by this post. But I like to try to think rationally.  Personally, I believe homosexuality is a choice that the individual has made. The choice doesn’t have to be conscious, and it can be heavily influenced by all sorts of things. Abuse, friends, the desire to be a minority. I also believe that this choice is a sin. BUT I do NOT believe that politicians have the right to tell them that they can’t be married.

Everyone know the part of the constitution where it says that every man is equal. That phrase has changed meanings several times. Voting isn’t the only issue that we (as a country) have had an issue with, but its the biggest, and the one that has brought the most change.  First it started out as every white, male, land-owner; then it changed to white men; then men; then citizens; then the age changed from 21 to 18; and so on and so on. No one has ever been denied the right to be married. Even when african-americans were slaves they could be married. I believe that government officials with the power to marry a couple should be required to perform ALL marriages.

Another thing that everyone should be familiar with is the separation of church and state. Which means I also believe that churches and church members  should not be required to change their beliefs or practices. If they don’t believe in gay marriage, then their clergy members should not be required to participate in the ceremony, and their buildings should not have to house the ceremony. They also should not have to change any teachings or beliefs about homosexuality.  If the government required all churches to change beliefs or allow gay members it would be similar to the BSA being forced to allow girls to join. It’s a private organization, the government has very limited jurisdiction. If a clergy member wants to perform or participate in the ceremony and allow the couple to use his meeting-house, that’s his choice.

And obviously individuals who have gotten a license to wed of their own accord have control over which ceremonies they will and will not participate in. Nothing has changed there.

So now everyone should be happy! But they wont be. Religious zealots won’t be happy until homosexuals can’t be married at all, and homosexuals won’t be happy until they can be married anywhere. And that is what politics is all about. Giving people what they want and still having them be pissed off about it.


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My Favorite Words

None of these are curse words.  I know the title doesn’t give much away so I thought I’d tell you that first.  My favorite letter is ‘L’ (has to be the capital letter).  Therefore most of my words start with ‘L’.  It has been my favorite letter since third grade when we learned cursive.  I just love the way it loops and the way you can use it to underline the word with its tail, and I love the way it sounds in all of its uses.  Fortunately for me, my last name now starts with TWO ‘L’s.  Lucky me! (I just tried to write my name in cursive, took me four times to get it right.)

Ludicrous – We’re gonna have to go right to ludicrous speed!

Juxtapose – Or any conjugation thereof.

Dismal – Goes along with grey being my favorite color.

Nefarious – Probably my all-time favorite.

Labyrinth – Also a really good movie.

Idiosyncrasy – Everyone has one.

 Absinth – I just like the word I swear.

 Loquacious – Does not describe me at all but I still like it.

Peculiar –  I don’t know why I like this one. I just do.

Zephyr – Fly away (I’m listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers right now).

Apothecary – I would LOVE to be a medieval Alchemist.

Quixotic – Always describes me and its fun to say.

Most of these are SAT practice words from 10th and 11th grade.

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Another prompt. I want you to guess this one though.

“What’s wrong? You don’t seem yourself today,” he asked. He was right. I was feeling down. I was imagining James playing hide and seek with his kids. He never plays with me. I always feel so left out.

“When he plays hide and seek with his kids he laughs, but when I want to play he just gets mad,” I said to my friend.

“I know what you mean.  When he wants to have ‘quality time’ with me he just sits on me! He never takes me to a baseball game, or even for a walk outside,” he replied.

“One time he took me outside. It was the best moment of my life! But as soon as he realized I was in his hand he cursed, went back in, and threw me on you. I figured maybe he’d want to play hide and seek to cheer him up. When he got home and I was hiding he was even more mad.”

“You can’t give up that easily. One day he will appreciate us like we deserve. Then he will play with us, take us places, and maybe even give us ice cream.”

“Ice cream! If I could dream it would be about ice cream.”

“I get tastes every now and then. He tells the kids not to give my any but sometimes they do anyway. It’s heavenly.”

“Oh I wish they would give me a taste.”

“But you would get all sticky. Then he might throw you away!”

“I don’t want that. But if he doesn’t love me then I might as well just have some. Then he can be rid of me.”

“He does love you. Same as he loves me. It’s not the same love that he shows to people.”

“Well, if he does love me maybe I’ll try hide and seek one more time.”

“I think you should. You never know. Maybe 506th time is the charm. Do you hear something?”

“That’s his car. He’s almost inside! Quick! Let me squeeze under you.”

“Ok. Hurry though. I can see the door opening.”

Prompt number 331 on www.creativewritingprompts.com

Write from the point of view of a TV remote.

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I’m crazy. I swear it’s not contagious…

Reasons why I am crazy.

1. I narrate other people’s text messages. – I’m at work again today. The receptionist said she was going to send a text message to someone and I actually said out loud what  I would have said if I were sending the message to this individual.

2. My spices at home are organized by color. – Pepper, Lemon Pepper, Cumin, Paprika, Crushed Red Pepper, Chili Powder, Bay Leaves, Basil, Oregano, Parsley.

3. I make my husband turn off the light before bed. –  If I turn it off the monsters will get me. But if I lay down under the covers with my back either against the wall or against the bed, they won’t get me. And for some reason Mike is immune to the monsters. Maybe it’s his muscle manliness.

4. I sing in the elevator at work. – Full on sing. I’ll sing like nobody’s watching even though I think there’s a camera in there. And I’m pretty sure people outside the elevator can hear me.

5. I have the most vivid, outlandish dreams. – In 8th grade I had a dream that I was in a haunted house. At the end, we came to a big circular room with toilets lining the walls. And I mean every available space along the wall had a toilet. There was a pile of potatoes in the middle of the room, and I was instructed to take a potato and walk up to any toilet with it. Then I was to put the potato in the toilet and flush it. While it was flushing I was supposed to tell the toilet my deepest darkest secret, and my biggest wish would come true. Well in 8th grade, obviously my secret was about a boy I liked. So I whispered in to the toilet, “I like Kevin”. Just as I said that Kevin walked up behind me. In my dream the next night, Kevin asked me to go to the church dance with him and he kissed me. It never happened in real life.

6. I will sit next to my husband and just feel the veins on his arm. – This one actually has some  excuse for itself. I’m in school for medical assisting so I have to be able to find veins quickly to draw blood from them. But I have done this so many times I basically have a map of his veins in my head. On other people I just look to see if  I can find any. So next time I see any of you, be sure that I am scouting out veins incase you ever become my pin cushion.

7. I interject random factoids into conversation. – I find that everyone I know hates this. I do it anyway knowing full well that I annoy about 98% of the people I talk to by doing this. 

8. I talk to myself. – And sometimes I answer back. I call it thinking out loud because that makes it seem better. Most of the I’m just bored. Yes, sometimes there are people watching me.

9. I am a procrastinating perfectionist. – Tell me how that works out. I don’t know. Sometimes I get things done and they turn out amazing. Sometimes I get things done and then throw them away because they’re not good enough. Sometimes nothing gets done.

10. I am actually posting this. – I must be crazy to actually be telling you this. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Crazy people don’t tell you they’re crazy. I don’t know.

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For the Betterment of Society

Next prompt! Same website www.creativewritingprompts.com Yes it is the same day that posted the…post…that said I was at work. I still am at work. It’s a really slow day today. Mostly because the receptionist wasn’t able to come.

102. If you could invent something to help mankind, what would it be?

I could go with the cynic’s answer and say communicable common sense, but that would be cheating. More cheating answers: a vaccine against every disease possible, renewable energy, a computer that will never freeze, or a money tree.

How about a joke that is always funny? I know that would make all my friends’ and family’s lives better. They have all gotten tired of the, “Why did the chicken cross the road?”, and then Colonel Sanders replies, “I missed one?!?” There’s only so many times you can tell chicken jokes, of any kind, and actually have them be funny. Other jokes that always get me in trouble are one-liners about peanuts being assaulted, anything that says “nacho cheese”, and any joke that requires a phone call to be made before the punch line is given. Not really an impressive way to introduce yourself to people.

We could also try coming up with a playlist that everyone likes. I cannot tell you how many times I have been in a friend’s car and they turn on country music. Ugh. I am a guest in this person’s car. I can’t tell them to change it! That’s like telling someone to re-tile their floor because you don’t like the pattern. I have a few younger friends who listen to Justin Beiber. I’ll go to their house and all I can hear is, “Baby baby baby baby! Oh like yeah baby!” Same concept. Yes, I listened to the Backstreet Boys when I was younger so I understand the hypocrisy in that statement, but still, Justin Beiber? I feel like he’s worse. He has to be.

Really what I’m trying to say is that we need something, anything that everyone can agree on. Even if it’s something so simple that it’s comical. Stand on your roof and shout “The sky is blue and it’s really hot outside today!” It’s August in Utah. It’s hot. The sky is blue. Maybe that’s why the weather is such a common conversation starter. If you agree with me on that topic, I might be more inclined to share some of my other opinions with you. And who knows? Maybe we’ll agree that hydrogen is the best option for a renewable fuel. We may even have a few ideas on how to build such a device. Maybe I’m a research scientist and you own a pharmaceutical company. Maybe you know how to genetically alter trees to produce printed paper and all you need is land to plant them. Lo and behold! I’m a farmer with 50 acres I’m not using and I’m looking for a new investment. I could be a computer engineer… screw it there’s never going to be a computer that doesn’t freeze.

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So the day after I posted my first story the internet stopped working. I’m sure you all know how lovely things like that are. Unfortunately, I only wrote 2 or three stories in that time frame. And also unfortunately, I am at work right now and the stories are on the computer at home!

So in order to have something interesting to read I’ll tell you what I’m doing/thinking at the moment.

Right now, I’m sitting at the reception desk holding down the fort until the receptionist gets here. I was told yesterday she might not be here at all today. So I’m making myself comfy in the event that this is my post today. About 40 mins ago I got hungry and went to the vending machine to get something to eat. Beef Jerky? Na. Wheat Thins? Nope. Rice Krispy Treat? Yes. But that’s not enough. Veggie Straws? Gross. Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts? My favorite! Ok now for a drink. Dr. Pepper. I’m not even going to contemplate anything else.

I keep waiting for someone to come over and comment on my choice of breakfast and I will reply, “Oh yeah! Breakfast of champions!” Its a wonder I don’t already have diabetes.

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His Defeat.

This is a writing prompt I got from www.creativewritingprompts.com. It is number 161 on the list. Write a mini story (100 to 250 words) that begins with: “They had nothing to say to each other.”

Here’s my story. I barely pulled it off with 248 words.

They had nothing to say to each other. Everything had been said before. Today they were on the battle field. Only one would be left alive. Ready to face each other for the last time, they lunged forward. Mica had the fate of the whole empire resting on his shoulders. He couldn’t let them down. Not after they had come so far. The scourge they had been fighting for 10 years was finally at the point of extinction, if only he could defeat his opponent.

Dominic wanted nothing more than to rule the world. He would have it. Mica was nothing but a thorn in his side; a particularly bothersome thorn, but a thorn none the less. He drew his sword and prepared for contact.

One thrust was all it would take to decide the fate of the world. Mica saw the swing coming and rolled out of the blade’s path, he pulled a hidden dagger from his boot and bolted off the ground before Dominic could recover his balance. He struck out from behind and made contact with Dominic’s shoulder. Dominic cried out in pain and growled in fury. With a renewed spirit of vengeance Dominic lashed out again. Mica met the swing with an attack of his own. The ring of clashing steel echoed through the air. In a split second Mica thrust his dagger into Dominic’s stomach. His face went still in the shock of agony. He slid off the dagger.

It was finished.

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